TCC is Open!

Posted on September 15, 2020

Hello Trust Children's Center friends and families! Trust Children's Center is open once again and we could not have asked for a better return! Teachers and children were so happy to be back to school, back on a schedule, and back with each other!

Please know that with this reopening came many new health and safety procedures that were guided by information from our Community Health Department, CDC, and State Licensing. Procedures such as designated drop off areas and times, taking children's temperatures before getting out of the car, taking staff temperatures daily, requiring all teachers to wear masks while on campus, not allowing parents or visitors inside the gates, not serving school prepared snacks, and keeping children socially distanced as much as possible have all been implemented. *For a more detailed report on our current health and safety procedures please contact our director Sarah Davis.*

Attached is one of our first Preschool Updates after our initial reopening period. Within these first few weeks, we enjoyed many discussions with these bright young minds about how to be safe during this pandemic. We were happy to hear so many great ideas from the children and to see them adapt so well. We hope you enjoy our update.

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