Child-led Learning in the Preschool Classroom

Posted on September 09, 2021

As our preschool classroom transitions to a primarily two-year-old group of friends, we teachers are having a lot of fun resetting up play areas for younger ages and taking some extra time to see where all of our friends knowledge/skills are currently at. Some of our circle times this week have involved counting, practicing one-to-one correspondence, sorting shapes, and going on scavenger hunts.

For families with older friends still in our class, have no fear, we are setting out more challenging activities for them. On top of these activities we are watching them start to take the lead and help their younger peers learn. This is the beauty of a mixed age classroom!

We invite you to take a look at our latest preschool update, where we recently observed loads of block play and also noticed some scientific experimentation with balance and ramps occurring (as pictured here).

In the picture provided, we see two friends slowly moving the dinosaur cars across an inclined ramp. Both friends are watching to see when the ramp tips. As you can imagine, should both dinosaurs and the weight of these friends hands all move to the top, our friends will notice the ramp move immediately.

Learning Outcomes: We can see how both friends approach their play with curiosity and parallel play occurring. We can see them testing theories as they move their dinosaurs and adjusting their actions based on what they observe. This is the basics of scientific discovery and what makes us extra excited is that this activity was all organically set up by them.

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