Learning in our Preschool Garden

Posted on May 13, 2022

The preschool classroom has been busy freshening the classroom and yard for spring!

Ms. Rosemary has just finished an extensive garden training and has helped us start a new preschool garden! Together many children scooped and mixed soil, talked about what seeds need to grow, watered the seeds, and are now seeing sprouts (the plants) pop up!

Learning Outcomes:
Working in a garden provides many benefits to young children. Gardening involves all of senses. Children are exposed to new textures, smells, sights, and even taste. Preparing a garden strengthens children’s gross motor skills. Discussing seeds and their needs teaches children about life and provides an opportunity for children to take on the responsibility of caring for something. Lastly, our sprout’s especially seem to enjoy being able to accomplish a task, like watering, themselves and making a contribution to their outdoor classroom.

Please enjoy even more photos and learning outcomes in our most recent class update!

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