Our waitlists for both infant and preschool programs are completely full. We will not be scheduling tours or accepting deposits at this time. This notice will be removed when openings become available.

About Us

Trust Children’s Center is one of the few self-run, employer sponsored day care centers in the United States.

Trust Children’s Center is an onsite, licensed child care center driven by a progressive belief that our children are the future. The opening of the on-site child care center provides a much needed resource in today’s modern work environment and enhances the family lives of its' employees. Trust Children's Center's curriculum incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) and the philosophies of the Outdoor Classroom into children's natural play. The construction of the building is state of the art, environmentally advanced LEED certified Gen 7 School.

Providing quality on site child care allows working parents to be more productive and have a healthy work-life balance. Parents are able to watch their child’s growth and development in person and participate in frequent family related activities offered by the center.

What We Provide

“Providing a culture that supports employees’ wellbeing, increases work force potential and helps drive the organization forward. Working parents are allowed peace of mind knowing their children are in a nurturing and fun environment,” said Trudie Safreno, Founder and CFO of Trust Automation. “Ty Safreno, Co-Founder and CEO of Trust Automation and I recognized with the birth of our own sons that there is a need in the workplace to provide quality childcare that surrounds children with love, fun and education keeping children in close proximity to their parents which encourages a healthier child and healthier parents."

“I’ve been developing Trust’s Children’s Center since its inception 4 years ago, said Sarah Davis, Director of TCC. “Providing the foundation to children’s futures that molds together and balances technology and nature in a beautiful green technology indoor and outdoor classroom is an amazing opportunity I am thrilled to lead.”

  • Infant and Preschool care
  • Thoughtfully developed curriculum based on STEAM and Outdoor Classroom concepts
  • STEAM - We encourage “learn through play” and thus foster children's natural instinct to investigate, explore, and invent
  • Outdoor Classroom- We encourage an understanding and appreciation for nature, physical activity, and learning in the beauty and freedom of the outdoors
  • Guided play supporting natural interests and curiosity
  • Trust Children’s Center is one of the few self-run, employer sponsored day care centers in the United States, compared to being operated by a nationally contracted child care company