Outdoor Classroom

Welcome to Our Outdoor Classroom!

Consistent with our child-led and play-based philosophies, our outdoor classroom provides abundant opportunities for children at all levels to learn and grow through personally meaningful experiences. As a teaching team, we work hard to make sure our outdoor environment meets the needs and abilities of every child and we are excited to now routinely share these special moments with you through news articles and school-wide documentation below.

Benefits of our outdoor classroom include:

  • Social and Emotional Competence- Children in our outdoor classroom are able to build relationships is an open, cooperative, and non-competitive environment. In our outdoor classroom children are able to continue to work on understanding and expressing emotion and decide on what sorts of activities will help their body feel regulated.
  • Communication Opportunities- Children in our outdoor classroom are able to freely communicate with one another and have priceless exposure to rich vocabulary spurred by natural interests. Children are always welcome to cozy reading areas where they can further learn about ongoing interests and we also encourage writing with outdoor chalk and drawing stations.
  • Gross Motor and Fine Motor Mastery- Children in our outdoor classroom are able to challenge both large and small muscle movements as they investigate the outside world. From simply running with friends, to tipping logs, to carefully manipulating creatures such as frogs children are using their muscles and improving dexterity.
  • Cognitive Growth- Exploring in our outdoor classroom not only gives children multiple opportunities to communicate ideas, but it also gives them chances to problem solve, experiment, reflect, develop interests in science and match, understand and respect nature, and grow an appreciation for the world around them
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