Trust Children's Center offers programs for both infants as young as six weeks old and preschool children until they are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten.

Preschool Program

We are proud to share that our preschool program is a mixed-age setting that runs a 6 children to 1 teacher ratio. This allows for a family atmosphere and more individualized care and attention. We have found that this setting also provides abundant opportunities for development, growth, motivation, and a sense of security. Our preschool teachers work as a team to provide age appropriate, project based learning, in a natural environment.

Trust Children's Center understands the importance of play in children's development and tailors it's curriculum through play based and project based inquiry. Our preschool teachers observe the children’s ongoing curiosities, and ever changing interests, and adapt both learning experiences and environments accordingly. There is an open yard policy, which means children are able to freely play inside and outside as they choose, and many of the play experiences inside are also provided outside in our outdoor classroom.

The preschool program is full of messy and creative fun. Children come to school each day ready to: paint and mix colors, build with loose parts, talk about feelings, collect flowers and sticks, harvest vegetables, sort seeds, read with teachers and peers, and explore the world around them through many other adventures. Through experiences such as these children are building the foundations of: communication, empathy, kindness, problem solving, literacy, math, science, and so much more that will prepare them for years to come.

Infant Program

At Trust Children’s Center we understand the importance of nurturing and bonding; especially during the infant years. Our infant program runs a 3 children to 1 teacher ratio, which allows for more individualized care and attention. Our infant program also has a mixed-age setting, which allows for a family atmosphere. This room provides care for children ages 6 weeks-24 months.

Infant teachers work as a team to provide age appropriate learning in a natural environment. As often as the days allow there is an open yard policy, which means children are able to freely play inside and outside as they choose. Children are able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing. Infant program activities include many sensory experiences, opportunities for language development, and opportunities for developing self-help skills and fine/gross motor skills. Many of the developmental experiences that are available inside are also available outside, in our outdoor classroom. The infant yard provides sand and water play most days, along with gardening, trikes, climbing, and other experiences. The teachers observe the children’s ongoing curiosity and ever changing interests and adapt the learning experiences and environment accordingly.

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Trust is recognized by SLO County Family-Friendly Workplaces for family-family practices, supporting work like balance.

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Trust was awarded as a "Change Makers" Blue Diamond Level Family-friendly Workplace by SLO County Family-Friendly Workplaces.

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