Our waitlists for both infant and preschool programs are completely full. We will not be scheduling tours or accepting deposits at this time. This notice will be removed when openings become available.


The original purpose of the Trust Children’s Center was to provide high quality on-site childcare to Trust Automation employees. However, as our center has grown, we are now able to provide the best possible care and education for other families in the community as well.

Benefits of an on-site child care center:

  • Close access to your child in case of illness or emergency.
  • More exposure to your child’s development.
  • Reduced daily travel cost.
  • Decreased stress of family child care problems.
  • More opportunity to spend quality time with your child.

Teacher/child ratios are an essential factor in providing a high quality program. More teachers per group of children helps ensure adequate supervision and allows for more individualized care.

We Educare! The word ‘education’ is derived from the Latin root ‘educare’. Educare means to bring out from within. As a center we feel our philosophies reflect this idea well as we aim to help children grow from within.

As a center we believe:

  • Young children develop—mentally, socially, emotionally, physically—through their own explorations and active participation in playful learning experiences guided by responsive adults; through indoor and outdoor play.
  • Children learn best about the world around them when provided with extended amounts of time to play freely. Our teachers are skilled play facilitators who provide enriching activities for the children to engage their senses, social skills, and personal interests.
  • Following an emergent curriculum based on the children's own interests and play themes creates an exciting environment in which the children are using their problem solving and communication skills to guide their own learning.
  • Young children feel comfortable in care settings when their parents and teachers work together in a partnership through ongoing communication with one another.
  • Young children (especially infant age) need to create trusting relationships with adults.